The heat or hot churros?

Do churros and chocolate make up for the passing of the summer?

Do churros and chocolate make up for the passing of the summer?

At 3 a.m. last night I realized the season is changing. Gone is the overnight heat of the summer, and in the middle of the night I was on my feet rummaging through my cupboard looking for my duvet.

The coolness of the night was sufficient to wake me, and in order to sleep for the rest of the night I was going to need something more substantial than one of  the thin sheets I had been using since March. Where on earth did the summer go? Ok, I know its not exactly cold yet;  the day time temperatures are still enough to burn in if you stretch out for too long, which I sometimes do on my terrace. But none of this is enough to stop me feeling that summer, once again, has come and gone too soon. Honestly, summer lasts six months straight here, so its a long time to just slip away in what feels like just a few weeks.

I don´t feel like I went to the beach enough, swam in the sea enough……..I want my summer again! I´m not sure if I want to look forward to the autumn yet, and the wearing of long sleeves and shoes. I´m still attached to my skirts and sandals, and I want it to stay that way for a while longer. My sandals especially, as they have now worn in to a slipper type comfort.

Also the days are getting shorter; I have barely finished my evening meal when the darkness descends. I absolutely love the long light evenings of the summer, and sitting in the square eating ice cream at  midnight……oh well, I must try to work up a more positive attitude towards this changing of the season, and I must admit cooler weather does come with some perks. I lurve my cold-morning pleasure of munching my way through a small mountain of churros, dipping each one in a steaming mug of hot chocolate before putting it in my mouth; maybe, just maybe, putting the duvet on my bed is the price I have to pay for that wonderful pleasure….

Enjoy your day everyone,

Judy xxx

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Ordinary and lovely.

Simply beautiful; painted pebbles from the beach.

Simply beautiful; painted pebbles from the beach.

I had a really productive day yesterday. First a little supermarket shopping, which may not sound like much fun, but it is. Probably because the walk to the supermarket is really what makes it fun. It takes me about 20 minutes to get there and so that is 20 minutes when I get to walk through narrow streets bustling with people and  racks of clothes for sale, restaurants, bars and specialist shops selling everything from painted pebbles to designer handbags. And I get to do this all in beautiful sunshine under a stunning blue sky. It makes the journey to the supermarket like a mini walking adventure.

Also, to spice up my shopping trip  even more, I am in the habit, on my return trip, to call by my favorite bar “Redonda” and take a long cool refresco  and choose a tapas to go with it. My current choice is the small dish of paella served with a nice chunky slice of fresh bread. This choice does change from time to time, and their Ensaladia Rusa is lovely too. So all in all, my trip to the supermarket is not to be sniffed at; it really is a nice hour or so out.

Later I got to spend some quality time with my canvas and my new painting is coming along very nicely indeed, and the time seemed to speed by. I spent a few hours in the evening on my online work and the end of the day seemed to arrive much sooner than expected.

So all in all, an ordinary day, but an enjoyable and productive one. A lovely day really; ordinary and lovely……….such a wonderful mix.

Hope you all have a great day,

Judy xxx

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The art of giving up negative thoughts.

Sometimes this is the best view you can give to negative events.

Sometimes this is the best view you can give to negative events.

Yesterday,  a few things happened in my life which rocked my boat. Nothing major, but difficult enough to change my mood and cause my day to loose its spark a little. As I sat down to dwell on this, I realized my reaction was not so much to do with the things that had occurred but was more of a habit. Yes, a few incidents had rocked my boat, but I could, and should, choose how I respond to them. Feeling a bit low was a choice, but it was not a good choice as is had the power to spoil my day. I didn´t feel low because I had to. I felt low because responding this way to a negative event was what I did.It was  not only a habit, but a bad habit which could spoil my day.

Now it so happens that I have experience with bad habits. As an ex smoker I am a bit of an expert on the truth of the often quoted “Old habits die hard”.  Just over fifteen years ago I took my last long drag on my beloved cigarette and turned to my friend and announced that I was now a non-smoker. Of course it was no where near as easy as that, in fact it was one of the toughest things I have ever done. I physically and emotionally longed for a cigarette for a very long time. I ate too much, I even once tried a beer for breakfast to ease the pain of withdrawal, but nothing really helped. I just had to sit it out and put as much time as I could between me and that final cigarette. So what motivated me to suffer so much? It was the absolute knowledge that smoking was causing me more suffering than the pain of withdrawal and in all probability it would finally cause me a rather drawn out and unpleasant early death. So I persevered, and I had to persevere for a very long time. Finally though, the inevitable happened and one day I realised I hadn´t thought about cigarettes at all. Today they have no power over my life at all.

When I thought about this I realized that my experience of giving up smoking was an important life skill that I could use today. I can decide to give up a reaction in the same way I decided to give up cigarettes. So, as I once refused to give in to the desire to put a cigarette in my mouth , I am going to refuse to put a bad thought into my mind. I´m going to start with the two little incidents of yesterday. Writing about them now feels just as I did when I smoked my last cigarette. I shall give it my full attention now, and then I will never mentally attend to or respond to them ever again.

Sure its going to be tough, but its good for me, and healthy for my state of mind in the long run. So here goes, after writing this blog I shall carry on with my day as it was planned, including hopefully finishing my painting which will be number 2 in the series of Brincar de Alegría; gracias a Dios / Dancing for joy; thanks to God.  Now there is something really worth the space it occupies in my mind.

Have a great day everyone,

Judy xxx

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Lovely Monday.

Lovely day

Lovely day

As a person who works at home I have never really developed that “I hate Mondays” feeling that those who go out to work seem to feel. Also my habit of not working to a schedule means that I don’t have any day that feels different to any other.

Yesterday I spent the day painting and doing some online work. The day before was spent doing a little painting and then not much of anything, so here I am awake and on the internet….and it could be any day….

Actually I’m hoping it will be a day that sees a lot of progress being made with my painting, a few hours online work and a nice long walk along the beach if I can fit it in. At this time of year the days are cooling enough to make walking a really pleasant experience again after the heavy heat of the summer.

So all in all, today stretches out in front of me and is full of possibilities……its a lovely Monday and I´m grateful to have the opportunity to enjoy it.

Enjoy your Monday everyone,

Judy xxx

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My first Sunday back at the blog…

I think I´ll think of something to worry about.......

I think I´ll think of something to worry about…….

Here I am, back at my blog for the first Sunday in, well, I really have no idea. It´s been a long time though, probably more than a year.

Yesterday I set out my new painting, and then stopped at that point. I was worrying about my online work for this coming week. Worrying that I would not have enough hours. The strange thing is that the worrying took on a weight and shape in exactly the same way a thing would. It somehow managed to trans-morph  itself  from a verb to a noun. And it took on enough mass that it managed to fill my day, leaving no room for very much else at all.

Now, this morning I can see that this happened because I allowed it to happen; for some reason, not thought about at all yesterday, it suited me to have a big blob of worry sitting between me and being able to do anything. It´s taken a night´s rest and a good breakfast, but I’ve worked out what the reason was: Yesterday, as I’ve said, I set out my new painting….and this is always a difficult time for me, so my ego stepped in to “help”. It did this by sniffing around for something to come along and be so large that I could walk away from my painting with a clear conscience; I didn’t want to leave my work , I had  to leave it. I had something to Worry About. Pfffftt……….

Well, I am one day older if not wiser this morning, and I´m not falling for one of my ego’s top favorite tricks today. I´m going to get on with my painting, and I will be working at not giving thought to how many hours online work I will have this coming week. Today, I am back at the helm, and the noun is being changed back into a verb, and a pretty inconsequential one at that.

Hope you all have just the sort of Sunday you would want.

Judy xxx

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The art of living in gratitude.

The Art of Connecting

The Art of Connecting

It´s Saturday morning, and having already drunk two very stiff coffees, I´m ready to get going with my day. I´m continuing to paint in my theme of Dancing for joy and already I have an idea in mind of what I will paint today.

So far its been very uplifting to paint to such a positive theme, and it’s not something I have done before. But now that I have decided to do this, my mind is full of positive images which I sort through, looking for inspiration for my next art work.

There has been another interesting side effect too; my mind is being focused on positive thoughts, and this is already leading me to a much lighter and more grateful mood. It´s hard not to feel happy when there are images of dancing, laughing, children and so on running in a chirpy loop in your brain.

So all in all, I´m enjoying my decision to paint in the theme of Brincar de Alegría; gracias a Dios / Dancing for joy; thanks to God. I hope many more art works will come from it…….

Enjoy your Saturday


Judy xx

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Brincar de Alegría; gracias a Dios

Gracias. Oil on Canvas.

Gracias. Oil on Canvas.

Thank you to all who sent messages and emails to me, with kind words to say about my new work which I posted yesterday.  Many of you will know that it has been more than a year since I painted anything at all…..and as the time went on, it became ever more difficult to make that first step.

I only half know what caused such a long block to occur, and I have already decided not to dwell on those reasons; better to suck it up and move on as some might say. Such a modern expression but one which is an incredibly healthy way of living and staying positive.

So, quite suddenly, about a week ago, I felt the urge to paint again…..a feeling which filled me with joy because it had been such a long time in coming. And just as joyful was the knowledge that I had reconnected again to that power which some call the universe, and others call God. Understanding this, and  in recognition of the source of my motivation and ability the thought came to me to paint to a theme for a while……a theme of gratitude and joy. I really have no firm idea about how many paintings will come under this umbrella, but the first one is done and more will be following.

Brincar de Alegría; gracias a Dios. 1

Brincar de Alegría; gracias a Dios. 1

Now with these new paintings which are already taking shape inside of me  I wanted to give them a name. They will all come under the name “Brincar de Alegría; gracias a Dios”  which more or less translates to “Dancing for joy; thanks to God”. It’s how I felt when finally I could start painting again, and it seemed only fitting to give thanks where thanks are due.

Gracias a Dios.

Have a good day everyone,

Judy xxx

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My new artwork.

Mmmm…..this  art work has been a long time coming, even by my standards, but here it is. Enjoy. xxx

Brincar de Alegría; gracias a Dios. 1

Brincar de Alegría; gracias a Dios. 1

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The art of making a comeback


My lovely new studio in Nerja.

Mmmmmmm…….I was wondering if I could call this blog The daily blog of Judy Morris when this is my first blog in ten months. Then I thought, you know what? Yes I can. It´s my blog and I can call it anything I want. 

I haven´t just been away from this blog for 10 months, I’ve been away from my art for 10 months too. 10 months of resting, of healing, of spending more time getting to know myself. There has been a lot to process; illness, betrayal, moving, bereavement, bullying. I played with the idea of writing about it here, but for the time being at least, I have decided against it. I just don´t want to give all the negative things in my life more space than they already have. I desperately want to move on, to heal, to begin to write and paint again. I want to interact with all the wonderful bloggers here on this site. I want to  celebrate my talents, and give thanks for the many, many gifts I have been given. In short, I want to grow.

I have no art to show you yet, but today I started painting again…..just a little, and for not very long, but it´s broken the block. It was just enough painting to smash through whatever it was that was preventing me from starting over. Now I will paint as often as I can, and I will put it here for you all to see as soon as it´s done.

And finally, I want to say a huge thank you to all my friends who have offered their support, their love and their encouragement as I begin once again on this strange and wonderful journey called life.

lots of love, Judy xxx

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Oh dear, broken bones


Judy (Photo credit: audelising) I,ve used up another life……




Oh dear folks, I took another of my all too frequent falls, this time down the stairs. The result is broken bones in my hand, now encased in a cast from my elbow to my fingertips and a very painful back. My new work is three quarters finished, and as soon as I am healed, I´ll complete it. meanwhile there is going to be a break of about three weeks here while I recuperate. Be right back!


Have a great day,


Judy xxx


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